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Diesel Fuel Oil Filter Machine

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Company NameAcore
AddressNo.3, Jinzhu Industrial Park, Banan District
Main Productsoil purifier
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Year Established:2017
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Contact No862381324618
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Contact PersonDaniel

Coalescence separation Diesel Fuel Oil Filter Machine is specially designed for purification of diesel, kerosene, turbine oil and other low voltage oil, it has the functions of dehydration, removing impurities and improving the cleanness level.

The moisture and dust of air dissolved in oil will cause oil oxidation and deterioration, so that reduce the performance of oil. Degeneration polymerization forms macromolecules and organic acid, which corrode the metal surface, and make oil lose its functions.  Meanwhile, during working of engine and industrial equipment, the wearing of components brings much metal impurities, which can break the components of engine and equipment after long time usage. Coalescence separation oil filtration machine combines dehydration and filtration functions, which can effectively remove impurities and emulsified water, free water without damaging the quality of products.

Aggregate of coalescence separation Diesel Fuel Oil Filter Machine

1. Because the low ignition of light fuel oil, coalescence separation oil filtration machine does not adopts heating atomization to remove water. It uses coalescence separation technology for dehydration.

2. Using high efficiency filter media with large filter area, it can effectively remove 1-5u particulate impurities to achieve a high degree of cleanliness. The coarse filter adopts stainless steel materials and 80 micron filtering precision, which can avoid impurity into the pump and damage the pump.  Filtering precision of second filter is 25 micron and fine filter is 5 micron.

3. Coalescence separation Diesel Fuel Oil Filter Machine has over pressure alarm and automatic stop device to ensure filter elements will not be damaged due to over pressure, reduce the use of cost and ensure the safety of filtration machine.

Company: Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd

Website: www.acorefiltration.com

Email: sales@acorefiltration.com,


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